Genetically Italian Iron Age Balkans

February 8, 2022

The Anthrogenica member who made the genetic distance maps showing that Ancient Greeks and Romans were identical to Modern Italians did the same thing with Iron Age (pre-Slavic) Balkan samples, confirming that they were also genetically similar, with "Croatians" in the north being more Northern Italian-like and "Bulgarians" in the south being more Southern Italian (and Greek)-like. This is indigenous Southeastern European ancestry combining Neolithic Farmers and Bronze Age Indo-Europeans, which is clearly the same ancestry that's still in Italy today.

Iron Age Croatia:

Iron Age Bulgaria:


Palermo Trapani said...

Hi Italianthro: Good to see you posting again. Can you tell me what calculator was used to do the analysis. I am not a member at Anthrogenica. Was it Eurogenes G25, K36, etc?

Sarah Nikas said...

Those are also some pretty neat maps. I agree that it looks like a modern or near modern italian profile seemed to be more widespread in the ancient world. Kind of pathetic that the same profile is now spoken down upon for not conforming to the genetics of modern central or slavic europe like many of these regions now do.

Palermo Trapani said...

Sarah: I agree. This map and the one for the Ancient Greeks and Romans are really neat.