Convex and Concave Noses

March 24, 2019

Thin, high-rooted convex noses, which are common in Dinaric and Mediterranean types, exist at a frequency of ~15% in Italy. Wide, low-rooted concave noses, which are common in Alpine types, exist at a frequency of ~19%. The former are slightly more frequent in the North, and the latter slightly more in the South, which matches the distribution of sub-racial types throughout the country. The remaining ~66% of noses are straight or almost straight.

Frequency of Nasal Convexity
(Lighter Shading = More)
Frequency of Nasal Concavity
(Darker Shading = More)

Ridolfo Livi. Antropometria Militare. Roma, 1896-1905.


Latinus said...

I always thought the Alpine element to be stronger in the northern half of Italy, so I was kinda of surprised to know that concave noses are slightly more common in the South.

Italianthro said...

The South is ~1/2 Alpine and 1/2 Mediterranean. The North is ~1/3 Alpine, 1/3 Dinaric and 1/3 Med, so less Alpine and more convex noses, even though more brachycephalic. And the South (especially Sardinia) also has some Coarse Med/Berid types that have wide, concave noses.

Latinus said...

Italianthro, would you say that, since Northern Italy has a large population of Southern roots, a significant chunck of nowadays concave noses in the setentrional half of the country is derived from Berid Terrones migrants and their deacendants? I think they increased the proportion of concave noses, which was already common among fully Northern Italians, because of the strong Alpine element in that half of the country.