Italian Beauty: Adua Del Vesco

May 1, 2017

Stage name of Rosalinda Cannavò, an actress from Messina, Sicily.


Unknown said...

Hello ItalianAnthro - Is there any place I can go to learn about the North/South genetic distance of Italy in absolute terms? Everything I've read suggests a genetic divergence, but some say it is negligible, and others say it is the causal determinant of an IQ gap. What I don't understand is, how are they able to test the DNA by region -- were Italians not prone to migrations, especially since the South had faced economic hardship? The North African admixture occurred 60+ years ago, in over 1000 years, the North/South populations remained bifurcated along genetic lines? Didn't Southerners move North? How could there be a huge genetic difference between Northern and Southern Italians - Seems hard to believe.

Italianthro said...

You can learn about all that right here. Just click on the Labels "Genetics" and "IQ" to read the relevant posts.